Mural at 114 Broadway

Calling all artists residing in Dufferin/Caledon!

You are invited to submit your original designs for the Orangeville BIA Better Together Task Force mural project, in partnership with Theatre Orangeville.

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Your Art Here

114 Broadway in Orangeville where Theatre Orangeville and Orangeville B.I.A.'s mural will go

About the Initiative


The objective of the Call for Artists is to promote the talent of local area artists and enhance their connection with the community. Public artwork can function as a form of communication to an audience with the goal of creating a vibrant, inclusive, and interesting urban environment and as a deterrent to graffiti.

Call for Artists

Artists residing in Dufferin/Caledon are invited to submit their original designs using direction provided. Successful artist submissions must be innovative in design, foster community pride, and contribute to a sense of identity for residents and businesses. Artists are encouraged to consider how their submission is relevant to the context of the selected location (114 Broadway).


Artwork that showcases the Theatre Orangeville stage, creates awareness for Theatre Orangeville and it’s productions, and is interactive in nature.  The art must engage the audience  by inviting them into the scene.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Resident of Dufferin/Caledon
  • Artist applicants must be at least 18 years old.

About the Design

One of the significant initiatives of the Orangeville BIA Better Together Task Force is to create 365 days of Downtown activities. The mural should  be interactive in the way that it draws people in to participate in the mural image by inspiring them to have some fun, pose, take photos, and then to post and share their photos on social media. The purpose of the interactive mural is to attract visitors and to offer them a unique Downtown Orangeville experience while promoting Theatre Orangeville.  


The completed mural will be 15 feet wide by 11 feet high. High-quality work is required. If selected, final image should be 1000 dpi.

Design Concept

  • A standalone copy of the design concept representing the Theatre Orangeville Stage
  • Interactive in nature

Designs must not contain

  • any representations of traffic lights, signs, or signals;
  • vulgar, profane, offensive, negative, or insensitive images or writing;
  • any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, or images of illegal activity;

All designs will be subject to Orangeville BIA / Better Together Task Force / Theatre Orangeville review and approval.

Submitting artists should understand that the finished works will be on an exterior wall that may need repair at some point in time; therefore duration of exhibition cannot be guaranteed.

Artists must accept the risk that their artwork may be damaged, altered, or removed at any time after completion.

Artist Fee & Requirements

The Orangeville BIA, through its Better Together Task Force, will award the successful artist $1,500.00 for the design of their work.  They will be required to complete and sign an agreement as part of their submission.

The Orangeville BIA/Theatre Orangeville reserves the right to alter, edit, modify, adapt, reproduce and/or illustrate the artwork for any use, including promotional purposes.  

Selected artists will be required to provide full quality, print-ready .jpg or .tiff files of the artwork at their own expense within two weeks of being notified.

Artists whose works have been selected for display will be notified by June 25, 2021. Artwork will be professionally installed using a high-quality vinyl print and or wrap.


Artwork will be selected by a team of jurors assembled by the Orangeville BIA/Better Together Task Force and will include 2 representatives from Theatre Orangeville and 2 members of Heritage Orangeville.

Submitted artwork will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Fulfillment of eligibility and design criteria
  • Artistic excellence, both as a standalone image and as an installed piece of art
  • Appropriateness of content and design relative to the theme and interactive requirement.
  • Quality, visibility, and clarity of image

The Orangeville BIA/Better Together Task Force and Theatre Orangeville reserve the right to reject any or all submissions.

Submission Requirements

Artists may submit by completing the online form and uploading required documents.

  • Design concept (maximum 1 page) outlining how the proposed artwork fits within the objective of the Call for Artists and enhances the community
  • Artist biography and/or resume (maximum 2 pages)
  • Standalone image of the design concept (minimum resolution of 800 pixels on the shortest side)

Submission of all requirements are due by 5:00 pm June 11 , 2021.

Although online submissions are preferred, email submissions will also be accepted. Please use subject line: Call for Artists 2021 and include the completed Submission Form along with all requirements listed above.

Submission Form

⚠️ Submissions are due by 5:00 pm June 11 , 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Whose initiative is this?

This is a join initiative between the volunteer-led Orangeville BIA (opens in a new window) Better Together Task Force and Theatre Orangeville. (opens in a new window).

When are the submissions due?

Submission of all requirements are due by 5:00 pm June 11 , 2021.

When will I find out if my artwork was selected?

Artists whose works have been selected for display will be notified by June 25, 2021.